How does our infrared sensor work?

A sensor with optimal performance even in extreme conditions.

Luxelt's proximity sensor board is a reflection system with infrared technology designed for managing dispensers placed in extreme conditions, such as low or excessive ambient lighting, presence of sunlight, and infrared disturbances.

How does our infrared sensor work?

The sensor is precise and activates upon the approach of a solid obstacle like the palm of a hand—or liquid—from an adjustable distance ranging from a few centimeters to over a meter.

This electronic board is equipped with optical components such as dual phototransistors with digital window filter and LED photodiodes, in the ranges of 850 and 940 nm. Output command via monostable or bistable MOSFET.

Possible applications of Luxelt's infrared sensor.

During the pandemic, it has been used for dispensing sanitizing liquid in conjunction with an LED light signaling board and a timer, making it adaptable to customized systems even for sectors other than liquid dispensing, such as automotive and robotics.

Luxelt's technical staff is available for drafting projects and quotes, for the creation of sensors with customized characteristics, and for the production of electronic boards.

Technical specifications Dimensions: 12 x 40 mm

Power supply: 12Vdc / 24Vdc