Luxelt carries out feasibility studies starting from the analysis of the client's needs, passing through the search and verification of correspondence with the regulations in force for the reference markets.

Following the preparation of the estimate related to the design, performs analysis of production costs, starting from the search for the best materials and components on the market; designs hardware and software, realizes master CS and produces the prototypes to verify the proper functioning of the equipment and to give the possibility to its customers, to verify the quality of the product.

Quality is the fundamental element that characterizes the work of Luxelt and that distinguishes it for over thirty years in the industrial electronics market.

For this reason the company has chosen to expand and reorganize its factory, installing modern machines for mounting printed circuits.

100% Luxelt production guarantees:

To complete the production cycle, Luxelt carries out tests and tests on every single output product with visual control, electrical-functional testing, insulation test and conductivity.


production speed


greater control of product quality


reduction of the risk of non-compliant products


reduction of the costs of the products themselves

We are your trusted partner for flexible manufacturing of electronics board and equipments.

We produce electronic boards for different secotors, adopting both SMT & THT mounting technologies, automated and by hand, thanks to thirty-year experience of our specialized technicians. We manage small and medium scale production, third party account and full account.

We make wiring and we carry out assemblies that integrate electronic and mechanical parts of the equipment. We can activate the technical support service on demand, electronic design, hardware and software development, master and equipments for the production, drafting of technical documentation, inspection and testing.

Industrial automation

Electromedical equipment / Aesthetics

Customized Power supplies

Vending equipments


Industrial machines and tools


Light signals


Sensors / Lighting


Electronic boards repairing

We can help you by repairing the electronic boards installed both in recent and old machinery. In case of old machinery it is often difficult to find replacement parts or technical support, so we can help in the reduction of costs and waiting time, avoiding machine downtime. 

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