We have been designing and manufacturing electronic boards for over forty years. Today we are facing a saturated market of electronic equipments in which the raw materials to be able to produce new electronic products are starting to run out and the costs of these, as well as transport for supplies have increased significantly.

Why is it important to repair or recondition?

We can help you by repairing the electronic boards installed both in recent and old machinery. In case of old machinery it is often difficult to find replacement parts or technical support, so we can help in the reduction of costs and waiting time, avoiding machine downtime. 

Since 2020 the electronic components world market went to a crisis, highlighting the following previous problems: 


raw materials shortage


raw materials prices increasing 


product delivery times extension 

What do we offer



Electronic boards repair


Electronic engineering




Why you should choose us?

We are on the led lighting market since 2009, but from more than 40 years in the Electronics field. 

The repairing service has always been active. Indeed, over the course of these years, thanks to word of mouth, there have been many companies that have reached our repair laboratory. Our electronic board repair service is unique because it allows you to significantly reduce the waiting time form machinery downtime. 

We speak to all those companies that deal with the maintenance of industrial machinery, often involved in assembly lines and complex robotic systems for which machinery downtime is a big problem as it is a waste of economic resources.

Constant innovation and updating also allow us to renew obsolete or poorly performing electronic boards, allowing the customer to save money because he doesn’t need to purchase new ones.