Formosa: la luce giusta per la tua scrivania, ovunque ti trovi.

Visto il successo riscontrato con il precedente articolo in cui davamo tre consigli per migliorare l'illuminazione per sostenere conversazioni, webinar e DAD online, e viste le vostre richieste in merito alla giusta lampada da scrivania, vi presentiamo qui di seguito la lampada Formosa.


Three tips to effectively illuminate your WEBINAR or your Distance Learning.

2020 is the year of 'smart-working', 'Distance Learning', 'webinars' and 'calls'. Terms that have now become part of our daily Italian vocabulary and that outline new ways of participating in courses and lessons, working and meeting.

Feedback of multiple purchase of our Formosa LED lamps as corporate gifts.

We asked one of our customers to write a testimony for us, on why in recent years he has chosen our Formosa lamp as a gift for his customers.

The advantages you can get with our Microlight spotlights.

It often happens to see beautiful environments, well furnished and finished, but with bad lighting, poor or oversized. Other times, lamps that are too large for the type of application are used. We propose you with our Microlight spotlights that we have designed and that we produce in Italy, at our factory in Calco in the province of Lecco.


This is why Luxelt's MICROLIGHT line was born. With the DOT and DIFFUSO spotlights, we offer the possibility to illuminate any furnishing solution using only 8mm thick and about 10mm in diameter, with the same amount of light that a traditional LED source would emit. Their name identifies the type of light emitted, therefore point and cone for the DOT model, common for the DIFFUSO model.

LUXELT: Made in Brianza

Luxelt is located in the municipality of Calco, in the province of Lecco and within the Brianza triangle. An area of ​​great natural, historical, economic and social value. In the past, Brianza was, especially between 1800 and the early 1900s, a tourist and holiday destination for the Milanese bourgeoisie. Here, in fact, the wonderful villas with Italian gardens are still present in the area, which have hosted poets, writers and painters. The Brianza economy has always been founded on agriculture, but thanks to the construction of the railway network and the post-war economic boom, although it was abandoned by tourism, it has been positively affected by the development of the industrial sector.