Time passes and technologies change. The world has been shocked by the Covid-19 virus. We have been forced to stop, turn off our machinery, stop production, leave the employees at home in layoffs. This forced stop for a small artisan company was a serious blow, but fortunately, thanks to the tax aid, to the understanding of our employees and thanks to the customers who have fulfilled all their duties in terms of payments in our confonti, we are still here . We are sacrificing a few hours of work, we are urging suppliers to deliver the materials, so that we can in turn work them and deliver them to our customers. We are training for the market of the future and for an economy that is currently suspended between one decree and another. We are reflecting on what has been in these ten years and what will be in, we hope for many, coming years. Working in a sector such as electronics, which is always evolving, we constantly think about creating new products, exploiting new technologies. As long as we remain small, however, the risk of not being able to overcome other moments of crisis will increase. The time has come for Luxelt to grow. So we thought about our VISION, even if it doesn't differ much from what we wrote in 2009. We would like that in every domestic and non-domestic environment, there was something that was designed and produced by us: whether it be a light switch, a lamp or a card inside an appliance. Because we can do it to ensure the longest possible duration and containment of energy expenditure. Each environment illuminated in harmony. Every electronic device that works perfectly.