When we started selling LED lighting products in 2009, one of the most frequent questions was: << What color temperature should I choose? >> We have always responded 1) describing the characteristics of the three types of light, in fact in those years there were only two warm and cold light; 2) asking the customer what type of furniture he had chosen, the colors, the effect he wanted to get. In recent years we have "sharpened the eye" of our customers, we have trained them and given them the opportunity to choose, in addition to neutral light, also the exact number in degrees Kelvin they would have liked to use, often on specific indication of their architects or designer. Today we can say that we have taken the greatest steps in LED technology, bringing to market a product that is already inclusive of all the possible solutions: DYNAMIC WHITE. Flexible LED strips, light bulbs, spotlights, various types of lamps with integrated LEDs, nowadays they are fitted with LEDs which, thanks to controllers and applications, can emit different shades of light in a range that can range from 2500K to 7000K depending on the type of LED used. So today thanks to technology, we can: - unify the productions; - reduce the amount of stock products in stock; - satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers; - remedy common errors without having to intervene on the installed product. If each LED luminaire were equipped with DYNAMIC LEDs, we could manage the entire white scale at any time and independently, controlling it from an application for the smartphone or a remote control.
 Dynamic white LED lighting systems are now increasingly in demand by our customers. They save time and, moreover, they can easily be integrated in environments where there are other sources of lighting, perhaps still halogen, without having to renounce the uniformity of the color temperature throughout the environment. Based on a true story: "Every evening, on returning home, my eye falls on the facade of my recently renovated house. It is very beautiful and the lighting is taken care of both inside and out of the windows and outside. unfortunately, the architect committed a small imprecision on the same facade. A part of the wall is painted red, a part of gray. For each of these parts there is a beautiful outdoor wall lamp that illuminates the facade and the surrounding area. Lamps with bulbs or LEDs integrated with the same color temperature were chosen. Unfortunately, however, following the reflection of the light on the wall, each lamp "returns" a different light from the other. The light adjacent to the red tint is warmer, the one adjacent to the gray tint is instead more natural white. This small oversight plays against the entire facade of the house which in the dark of evening seems to have been illuminated at random. Thus even the beautiful appliqués lose their charm and even the architecture of the house itself. " If the architect or electrician or whoever had chosen an LED lamp with dynamic white, it would have been possible to intervene from the application, adjusting the color temperatures of the lamps themselves, making the light returned equal in all situations. We are convinced that in the coming years, these LEDs will definitely take the place of classic products with warm / cold / neutral light and will make things ever easier for us. The dimming of lighting sources with systems such as Google Home and Alexa is already a reality. There are already several companies that are presenting their voice control devices integrated in domotic wall fixtures or light switches at fairs. Perhaps we will soon be able to say "Alexa, adjust the lights at home to 3500K" and to do this we will need the right dynamic white LED sources.