Excalibur by Moreno Ratti

Saturday 27th November 2021 6 pm at InMarmo Gallery - Carrara ITALY
 The combination of LED and marble has given life to Excalibur, a lamp with an evocative name where light enters the stone like a thin blade and marble, a solid and sculptural material, acts as its base. Excalibur represents a union between a present made up of printed circuits, touch technology and minimum thicknesses and a tradition made of monumentality and elegance of materials. The ability to combine the three colors of the bases with the six colors of the painted aluminum allow you to range between different styles and guarantee versatility for any environment, going from white to total black in a mix of different compositions. At the same time, the ability to rotate the device downwards or upwards allows you to obtain ambient light or direct light for reading, with variable angles depending on the housing needs. The history of the production cycle also makes this combination of aluminum and stone interesting; the printed circuits are the same applied for a project already under construction and the bases are obtained from previous processes. Excalibur is a lamp that has seen the union between Brianza and Carrara, with a view to innovation and change in tradition. We have chosen the collaboration with the marble designer Moreno Ratti to sign this new project, sculptural and metallic at the same time. The lines are simple and the cuts are straightforward, just like the light in the rock. Excalibur is visible in the “In Marmo” space, a marble design gallery that is a meeting place between designers and artisans, starting from November 27th at 6 pm. TECHNICAL DATA Materials: aluminum, diffusing satin polycarbonate screen for the LED and white Carrara marble, gray Bardiglio marble, black Marquina marble for the marble base. Available colors: white / black / red / blue / green / yellow (in some colors the front and back of the circuit may differ according to the characteristics of the material, it is not to be considered a defect) Lamp dimensions: 570 x 40 x 3 mm Marble base: dimensions 120x 80 x 50 mm Power supply: 5V, transparent USB / micro-usb cable and white EU power supply included Consumption: 3W Brightness: 575 Lux at a distance of 40 cm from the top