Electronic Control for Liquid Dispenser with Timer and Optical Sensor

How to control liquid dispensing with an electronic board? Are you looking for electronic boards with proximity sensors and timers? In this article, we share our experience in designing and manufacturing electronic boards for liquid dispensing devices.

On behalf of one of the most significant players in the world of automatic hand sanitizer dispenser production, Luxelt has designed and manufactured the electronics for the operation of these devices.

This system has found wide adoption in public places during the Covid19 pandemic. Installed in shops, airports, stations, public and private offices, they allow the dispensing of a certain quantity of hand sanitizer without any contact with surfaces and/or buttons by the user.

The solution developed by Luxelt, at the request of the client, electronically regulates the operation of the dispenser, which is capable of dispensing the liquid when a sensor detects the approach of the hand in real-time. During dispensing, thanks to preset parameters, the quantity and duration of dispensing are controlled.

This project, which is our own property and therefore free from constraints with the client, allows us to meet the demands of liquid dispensing worldwide, thus applicable to beverages, hygiene dispensers, and industrial machinery.

Both the electronic timer board and the board with optical proximity sensor can be used separately in other applications besides liquid dispensing.

To find out if our electronic boards are compatible with your needs, get in touch with us: we are located in Lombardy, in the province of Lecco. You can schedule an appointment by writing to sales@luxelt.com or by calling 0039 039 507627 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.