CE marking is a mark that must be shown on the LED lamps directly by the manufacturer...

The CE marking is a mark that must be shown on the LED lamps directly by the manufacturer who self-certifies compliance with the requirements of the Directives concerning safety.

The lack of the CE marking makes the producer or importer or trader liable with the obligation to remove the non-conforming product from the market. In the event that the marking is placed illegally, or without having fulfilled the Directives of the reference standards, the crime of fraud is outlined.

Compliance must be declared by the person who produces, imports or markets the product, providing the CE declaration of conformity. In special cases, such as for electromedical products, it is necessary to contact a third part, then an authorized certifier.

For each product it is necessary to draw up the technical file, in which all the technical information and certifications of all the materials used and their correspondence to the safety requirements are collected. Importers are also subject to the same obligations, assuming responsibility for the marking.


Directive 72/23 / CE 

Low voltage, safety requirement for electrical equipment

Directive 89/336 / CE Electromagnetic compatibility of the power supply

Moreover it is good that self-certifying the product, the correspondence with the following legislations is evaluated:

Directive 85/374 / EEC For liability for defective products

Directive 2006/95 / EC General product safety

Law 10 April 1991 n.126 Consumer information

EN60598-2-6- Luminaires with integrated transformer

EN62031 LED modules for general lighting - safety specifications.