In these 10 years of designing and supplying LEDs for our customers in the mobile phone industry, we have received the attention to perfect our product offerings, we have also been able to satisfy the real needs of users. We put ourselves in the shoes of end customers. What is the real function of light inside the wardrobes? How should the luminous product made functional be built? What are the problems currently encountered regarding the internal lighting of the cabinets? Why aren't users thrilled when they open their closet? It will be the fault of our professional deformation, but we seek the attention "WOW!". Today we know that we can obtain it by following some simple (but not too much) precautions, starting from the development of the product up to the proposal to the customer. 1) HIGH CRI: means that this number is higher, referred to the Color Rendering Index, the less the light interferes with the color of the illuminated objects. Looking for black trousers from the closet and discovering that it is brown or blue, only after wearing it and going out in natural daylight does it often happen, both in clothing stores and in our cases! Today with high CRI LEDs we can prevent this problem. 2) THE RIGHT SHADING OF LIGHT: the color of light is important in the definition of: COMFORT: a light that is pleasant, that invites us to stop in front of the wardrobe even if we have already chosen what to wear. AESTHETICS: respect for the aesthetics of the mobile phone, its shades, the elaborate woods, as well as the sense of space conceived by those who designed and designed it. 3) POSITIONING OF THE LAMPS: recessed in the hat, in the sides or in the base, the lamps for the inside of the wardrobes must illuminate the hanging or folded clothes and placed in niches and drawers. Not considering this requirement would induce the product to be defined as decorative and non-functional. Consequently, it is not possible to satisfy all customers who seek functionality in light, with the risk that the customer renounces the lighting inside the wardrobe, because he is not satisfied. 4) DIRECTIONALITY OF LIGHT: the light must be directed towards the garments, which must be well lit, must be recognizable in their shapes, colors, textures and style. Furthermore, the light must not be annoying by the user, with the unpleasant glare.



5) ACCESSORIES: our flagship are the accessories that we offer supplied with our LED systems. IR and magnetic sensors, buttons, dimmers and remote controls save end customers electricity, time and money which, if they forget the door of the closet open, can count on the timing of the motion sensor which switches the lights off after a few minutes. 6) FOR MANUFACTURERS: a last point for those who do the most difficult work, the producer and his installers. In their complexity, the led lighting systems for wardrobes must be simple to install and offer specialists connection accessories, cables and power supplies that facilitate work. Tailor-made solutions allow you to intervene in any situation and to date there are companies that do not charge a surcharge for the made-to-measure, just like us.