Architects, designers and entrepreneurs turn to our company to give light to their projects and their ideas.

It may seem simple to design a product or have an idea in mind and put it into practice, but unfortunately when it comes to lighting and electronics we have to focus on the most important aspects:

regulations: what are the regulations in force in our area of ​​interest?
sector: who are the recipients of the product? Who are the users?
budget: which figure is willing to pay the final customer for this product?
light: how much light is needed?
materials: what are the most suitable materials for the realization of the product?
technology: what technologies do we have available?

Following the feasibility study, it will be possible to decide whether to proceed with the design and where to make changes to the idea or the design, before devoting itself to the electrical / electronic design of the product.

The feasibility study reassures the client, who will make the right investments that will return the right profit.

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