LED regeneration service

LED regeneration service

We have been present in the world of LED lighting since 2009, but in the world of electronics for over forty years.

Due to the pandemic for Covid 19, the world market for electronic components has entered into crisis highlighting the following previous problems:

  1. scarcity of raw materials
  2. increase in the prices of raw materials
  3. extension of product delivery times

Today, working in the saturated LED lighting market, we have decided to let as many people know as possible that we are able and willing to press the accelerator on the repair of LED boards, the transformation of halogen lamps into lamps, and the regeneration of exhausted LED lamps.

Since 2009 we have repaired and reconditioned hundreds of LED products from other manufacturers: the enormous spread of this technology at increasingly lower prices has led to our country, but actually all over the world, huge quantities of very bad qualities products in which there are not only electronic boards with LEDs or COB LEDs, but a large percentage of related materials such as aluminum or plastic lamp bodies, lenses and diffusers, power supplies, cables.

This makes us think about how essential it is to replace only the faulty components, to avoid the waste of all the other materials involved.

In the repairs of LED boards that we have carried out to date, we have managed to obtain great results, both in terms of light quality, and even reducing consumption, discarding only some electronic components and consequently significantly reducing the quantity of materials disposed of.

LED lamps, after years of operation deteriorate, altering their luminous characteristics in which there are:

We invite customers to regenerate these lamps, simply by replacing the faulty LEDs or LED electronic boards. The energy savings for our planet are considerable and the replacement costs are still contained.

We address both private customers, companies that market or assemble LED lamps, maintenance workers of industrial plants and commercial spaces

LED regeneration service

Our mission is to reverse the trend of disposable equipment, because if it is true that LED bulbs have become an economic product, it is also true that ecological islands are filling up uncontrollably with exhausted technologies, including LED.

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