Electronic circuits reparation service

Electronic circuits reparation service

We have been designing and manufacturing electronic boards for over forty years. Today we are facing a saturated market of electronic equipments in which the raw materials to be able to produce new electronic products are starting to run out and the costs of these, as well as transport for supplies have increased significantly, especially after the pandemic crisis for Covid 19.

The needs of the planet are the fuel for our engine of ideas. For this reason we have decided to let as many people as possible to know that we are able and willing to press the accelerator on the repair of electronic boards and the regeneration of electronic circuits.

The repair service of electronic boards has always been active in our company, in fact over the years, many companies that deal with repairing machinery have reached our repair laboratory with faulty electronic circuits in their hands, and they came out shortly after, with the same ones working again: our electronic board repair service allows to reduce waiting times for machine downtime.

We turn to all those companies that deal with the maintenance of industrial machinery, often involved in real assembly lines and complex robotic systems for which machine downtime is a big problem as a waste of economic resources.

Constant innovation and updating also allow us to be able to renew obsolete or poorly performing electronic boards, without the customer having to discard them and then buy new ones.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment has a negative impact on both the environment and human health.

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